Quick Easy Exercise For Everyone That Wants to Lose Belly Fat

I don’t normally recommend exercises as such on the How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat diet and healthy eating, lose belly fat, weight loss plan but this is one that anyone can do and you don’t even need to stand up to do it. You can do this exercise while driving, watching TV, lying down in bed or even when sitting at a desk at work. In fact, you can do this exercise virtually anywhere you want. This is so simple and easy to do that calling it an exercise is really over stating it.

Although this exercise may not help to burn the fat, it will help enormously in tightening up your stomach muscles without spending hours in the gym and doing abs crunches and all those other hard work exercises that some people do.  This simple exercise will have the same effects though which will help you to look and feel slimmer around your waist. You will achieve this by strengthening your abdominal muscles and this will help you to hold your stomach  in for longer rather than having what my mother used to call lazy belly syndrome or letting it all hang out!

Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat

I heard one fitness expert call this exercise ab vacuums and I suppose this is probably a good name for it. As I say, you can do this standing, sitting, kneeling or even laying down so there is no excuse for any of us not to find the time for a few minutes a day. Yes, just a few minutes a day is all that you need to do.

Like most exercises, it starts by taking a deep breath inwards. As you breath out, pull in your belly as far as you can and hold it there. Pretend you are trying to pull your belly button all the way through to your back. Hold it there for 20 seconds before releasing it as fast as you can. Don’t forget to breath in again though, LOL! You can even take a quick breath in during each hold if you need to.

Just keep repeating this move for a few minutes each day and you will start to see results. You will find that you are standing straighter and this will help you to look  and feel slimmer and with no lazy belly syndrome.

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