The importance of Drinking Water To Lose Belly Fat

Keeping your body hydrated is vitally important when you want to lose belly fat, in fact it is important for everyone. Keeping your body hydrated correctly helps every part of your body in many ways.

It is key to helping you to look younger as it improves your skin by keeping it’s elasticity and it’s overall appearance to give it that healthy glow.

When you are trying to lose belly fat or any type of weight loss diet, then drinking water helps to fill you up as well as keeping your vital organs and everything else hydrated.

Lose Belly Fat

But how much water should you be drinking in an average day?

The best estimate can be made by taking your weight in pounds. Then halve that number. This will be the number of fluid ounces that you need to drink in a day. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds then divide that by 2 to get 80 fluid ounces of water a day.

So what if you hate the taste of plain water?

The best way is to flavour your water with some freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice added to make the taste more acceptable. For hot drinks, try herbal teas which often contain high levels of antioxidants that help to keep your body healthy and can be anti aging as well.

Got a sweet tooth?

Use a natural sweetener. My favourite is stevia which is  a natural sweetener from a plant that grows in South America. This is also used in some proprietary drinks and foods found in health stores and increasingly in mainstream stores.

Keeping your body properly hydrated helps you to function at your optimal level and especially when you are trying to lose belly fat.

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