High Protein Foods That Burn Belly Fat And Raise Metabolism

In this article, we will be showing you how to raise your metabolism by up to thirty percent just by including foods high in protein into your daily healthy diet plans.

As your body digests your food, it uses energy in the form of calories. This is called the metabolic rate or thermal value. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories your body burns just in this process of digesting your last meal.

Different types of food will take more energy to digest and use more calories in this process than others. This is calculated as the number of calories that it uses to digest 100 calories of food.

For example, for your body to digest 100 calories of fats, your digestive process will use 5 calories of energy. For carbohydrates, your body will burn around 10 calories in digesting 100 calories of food. Compare these to the metabolic rate of high protein foods. These foods high in protein will use 30 calories of energy to digest 100 calories.

The reason for this big difference in the calories needed to digest proteins compared to fats or carbohydrates is because these high protein foods tend to have more complex structures and more nutrients. This is why they require more energy in the form of calories to break down in your digestive system and absorb into your blood stream.

So, why does your body need proteins?

Every type of cell in your body contains protein. It is the very building block of life. Watch this video to get an idea of how critical proteins are for every part of your body.

Your body contains 100 trillion cells and each cell has it’s own function. It takes thousands of proteins to make all of your cells work. In fact, about fifty percent of your body’s dry weight is protein. Proteins do a lot of different things in your body including building muscles, skin, digest food and move things around your body as well as doing many other functions in the body. Proteins create the structure of our body and enable nutrients to pass from cell to cell within it. It builds mu

Proteins are primarily used as our body’s building blocks. They are most abundant in animal products, lean meats, eggs and low-fat cottage cheese are great protein sources. (Protein is also found, to a lesser degree, in beans, nuts, and various grains for you vegetarians out there.) Proteins are found in every cell in our bodies. Our muscles, hair, skin, nails, hormones, and blood all contain protein. And protein is extremely important both to our overall immunity and health.

Protein is also an extremely important (but often overlooked) fat-loss nutrient. Why? Proteins (along with resistance exercise) actually help your body change shape by adding muscle and increasing your metabolism. Remember, the point isn’t just to lose weight. The point is to lose fat, and increase muscle.

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