3 Big Problems Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

I have discovered 3 Big Problems that are stopping most people from losing belly fat and achieving their weight loss goals. To have that flat belly that they aspire to have and to maintain their ideal weight.

1. Your metabolism is all mashed up.

Many years of unhealthy eating and yo-yo dieting have literally broken your calorie-burning furnace. This means that your body just wants to store fat 24/7. The problem with low calorie or calorie restricted diets is that your body thinks that it is under-nourished so it conserves energy by slowing down your metabolism. This means that when you restrict calorie still further, this problem gets worse not better at your body stores even more fat.

2. You are eating the wrong foods.

That bulging beer belly or pooch area or belly fat is in fact not all just fat. The problem is that it also contains pounds of toxic waste as a result of the types of foods that you have been eating that are packed full of additives. Most of the chemical additives that food companies put into their processed foods are highly addictive and are designed to make sure that you want to eat more and more of them. These junk foods are causing your fat storing hormones to go into overdrive which adds yet more to your belly fat bulge. These foods also clog up your digestive system which stops you absorbing the nutrients that your body does need to function correctly.

3. You are overfed but under-nourished.

To keep your body fit both physically and mentally, you need to feed it with beneficial nutrients. Without these, your body cannot fight off diseases like diabetes, heart disease and depression. If your daily diet prescribes foods that are lacking the right nutrients or your toxic waste is stopping those nutrients from being absorbed, your head will always be saying ‘feed me – feed me now’ and you will be desperately fighting those hunger pangs. Your cravings to stuff yourself with even more nutrient deficient foods just make the whole situation even worse in a perpetual cycle.

Do you ever feel hungry all the time in your struggle for beating the bulge and losing belly fat?

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